Our Story




\Wavelength began as a ritualistic way to centre and begin the day, then end the night with a comforting light. Scientifically a Wavelength is the distance between two points. For us, these are the points of people connecting to create moments to remember.

So why Wavelength? It started as a way to combine everything we love.

“As a music obsessive I have always used this passion as way to bridge friendships, build common ground and share through curating and dj'ing. I'm also a Chef, so Wavelength is also blending unique quality ingredients to make something magnificent and memorable.” - Gabe - Founder & Perfumer

We both spent much of our weekends at youth hall shows, dive bars, or basements. Driving hours to see this band or that band perform. We take inspiration from hip-hop, rock, punk, metal and more. Our tastes are diverse just like our perspective on what we create.

As friends started forming bands, I supported them by making flyers, shirts and album covers.While my passion for music, design and art has only broadened over time, that youthful DIY approach and handmade aesthetic remains my most trusted and eternally loved approach.”

Andy, Designer

Our unique designs are inspired by well spent youth. Xeroxed flyers, scrawled sharpie entry marks on wrists, pop-art, brilliant vandalism and a booming system and psychedelia.

Thanks for being on our Wavelength.