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Perfect pairings for perfect collaborations.
We want collaboration to be at the heart of Wavelength. We design and develop scented candles through bespoke formulations and can develop unique designs for and with our partners. Contact us to find out more.


We co-created 'Fresh Take' - Positive Recklessness captured in wax. We worked with HATTER a creative experience company to create an entirely unique New Year's candle centered around our ethos of Positive Recklessness. This handmade candle captures the essence of experience, the scent encouraging you to inhale deeply and allow memories of spring days to inspire dreams of new beginnings.



Our collaboration with GOWTU a creative team in Amsterdam to celebrate their anniversary was inspired by Janet Jackson's soulful and sultry hit "That's the Way Love Goes" We created "LOVE GOES," with a one-of-a-kind design and custom scent profile of driftwood, aged rum, bergamot tea and santal. Our collaboration also brought to life our partners astounding talents through a music video covering the song.

Love Goes, Gowtu Bespoke Candle Creation



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